Best Buy Adds Nook to its E-Reader Offerings

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Barnes & Noble's awesome? Nook e-reader can now be had at Best Buy starting April 18.  Hooray? 

At a cost of $259.99, the Nook may just be the colorful e-reader for you.  Or not. 

Up until this news, the Nook has been hard to come by, but with their pending availability at Best Buy, perhaps greater adoption of the device by those in love with Barnes & Noble and/or reading may be in the offing. Not likely.  Best Buy also sells the iPad, and if you walked up to a display for each, which would you choose, the iPad or the Nook?  As an owner of both the Kindle and iPad, I prefer the Kindle for reading, perhaps I am getting old, but too much reading on the iPad's awesome screen hurts my eyes, I am not,  nor will I ever be, in the market for a Nook.  Will you?



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