Apple iPad launch day sales strong to quite strong...

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To say that people went a little crazy of the iPad's launch yesterday is an understatement.  According to The Loop has released a report estimating first-day iPad sales in the range of 600,000-700,000, well  pre-launch estimates of 200,000-300,000.

Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst, Gene Munster, on Saturday said he believes Apple sold between 600-700 thousand iPads on the first day. This includes the pre-orders that would have been coming in since March 12.

Might the iPad outsell the original iPhone over the initial few months of sales?  Note: the iPhone took 74 days to reach one million units sold.  Will the iPad beat that?  It appears so.

The launch was also limited to Wi-Fi models (we received one) and to the United States. 3G-capable models (we are waiting on one) in the U.S. will launch later this month with high sales expected.



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