and RSS Together at Last

, In , , , , is a grand service.  With one post, you can simultaneously update Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and more.  It is like magic.  Further, users of Hootsuite, oh how I love Hootsuite so, can now use a beta version to update via from the service.

Now has gone one step further.  According to the Seesmic blog, you can add RSS feed monitoring and post it to a network. According to the blog:

All you simply need to do is choose the RSS selection under Services / Tools (right there in the Dashboard), and then enter in your RSS feed to the blog of your choice.

Managed by Superfeedr, the unfortunate thing at present is the fact that the new feature is limited to a single RSS feed.  If you use multiple feeds, combine them into one and the RSS feature for Ping will be up, running and glorious.

Add us to your feed.  We don't post too much, so we won't bombard you, but what we do post will make you quicker, stronger, faster and possibly vomit free.



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