Memory Saving for Your iPhone or iPod Touch

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Recently released iTunes 9.1 did more than allowing one to access apps for the iPad.  One of the more interesting features is the is the ability to convert higher bitrate songs to 128kpbs AAC files for one’s iPhone or iPod Touch and sync them with iTunes. 

It is relatively simple to do.  On the Summary tab when your iPhone or iPod Touch appears in the iTunes sidebar, simply check the box, “Convert higher bit rate songs to 128kpbs AAC.”  When you sync, all of the songs that are not in this format will be removed and then added back once they convert.   If the box remains checked, the conversions will automatically continue upon each sync, while the songs in your iTunes library remain in their previous, original, file format. 

You might want to know why would anyone wish to do this?  The answer?  Do so saves you valuable memory space on you iPod Touch or iPhone and who doesn’t like that?  Again, green grapes are often more delicious than red ones. 



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