Twitter's New Features Straight from the CEO

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Speaking today at SXSW, Twitter CEO Evan Wiliams announced a new “At Anywhere” platform, which allows websites to more deeply integrate the service into their sites. The idea is to offer a more seamless experience to Twitter users navigating third party sites, giving them Twitter content without forcing them to jump off the page they’re currently viewing.

Among the features:
  • When you browse a site that uses @anywhere, people and brands that have Twitter accounts will be highlighted with a hyperlink. Mousing over that hyperlink will show a small box (a “hovercard”) containing their Twitter information, including their most recent tweet (in effect it means you don’t have to click over to Twitter’s homepage to see their Twitter profile)
  • Publishers will be able to more deeply integrate their own Twitter profiles, making them easier for their readers to ‘follow’ them
  • Sites will be able to implement @anywhere with a few lines of Javascript.
The platform may be one day hosted at, but at this point nothing is certain. It  actually be a Twitter account, given a Tweet at the address which states “If you’re a javascript guru and want to help us build @anywhere and work with publishers @jointheflock”. Exciting times indeed.  What do you think of the announcement?



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