T-Mobile Selling iPhone Soon (Rumor)...

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The Universe utilizes the wireless services of the company with the disgustingly colored logo and the blue map, for our iPhones.  A more gripping sentence you’d be hard pressed to find. 
Some history, at one time we were T-Mobile customers who jumped ship to AT&T to get our little iPhone starved paws on the 2nd generation version, the 3g.  Hoorah!  Finally we were “cool.”  At least in our little circle of friends, and believe you me, that circle is little.  Not by choice, but due to the general dislike of us from humans in general.  Be that as it may, those continuing to enjoy T-Mobile and the commercial stylings of Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglas, have we got some news for you…
A Financial Times report involving statements from Deutsche Telekom's (which sells the iPhone in Deutscheland) CEO stated the following in reference to the iPhone, "T-Mobile USA is hoping to start selling the popular smartphone later this year or next year" while focusing on Android in the meantime, as if Android is merely a stopgap measure to make it through to the singular device that can save America's number four carrier from going down the tubes.
Will it happen?  Possibly.  However, Mr. T-Mobile Germany, along with many other head honchos of wireless companies have made similar statements regarding the wonderful phone slice of Apple, so it is anybody’s guess.  Of all of the phone companies listed below, which do you think is most likely to be the second to get the device, if any?

iPhone 2nd Home
Boost Mobile
None of the Above

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