iPad Killer THIS is not...

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Amazon has at last released Kindle for Mac.  Hooray?  Now you can read your Kindle books on most any device, including one's iPhone, Blackberry, PC and of course the Kindle.

Like the PC version, Kindle for Mac lacks any sort of flair. For instance, page turns occur with the scroll of a mouse, or with arrow keys.  The nice feature is that regardless of what device your read Kindle books on, it stays in sync with any other device authorized for the same account. Notes and bookmarks made on other devices can be viewed, however new ones cannot be created on your Mac or PC.

Text zoom is also an issue. To zoom, you have to open a special panel which can leave a blank “cut-out” in the text after it has been closed.

I'll download it, because a. it's free, and b. I have a Kindle, and will soon have an iPad, which I am still undecided on when it comes out if I will use it as book reader, because I do enjoy the Kindle. Your thoughts? Leave a comment, ask a question on Formspring, follow us on Twitter, or visit us on Facebook, all easily selectable for your clicking hand fingers on the right side of the screen.



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