The iPad is the Savior of Print...

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The iPad, and other various e-readers, the Kindle, Nook, ect., have been touted by some as the savior of the newspaper and magazine industry.  It may very well be the case, at least for one newspaper, the Wall Street Journal

The WSJ, in their iPad excited state, announced their monthly iPad subscription that I won't purchase will cost $17.99 a month.  Not bad when you consider the print version I don't buy costs $349 for 52 weeks or about $29 per month.

Magazines are taking a different approach by delivering weekly or monthly editions, but not annual subscriptions. Esquire magazine can be downloaded advertisements for $2.99, $2 less than the newsstand price, whereas a full iPad issue of Men's Health will evidently carry the same $4.99 price as the paper version.

What if any print publications will you purchase if you are getting an iPad?  Do you purchase any if you have a Kindle, or other e-reader?  Don't be forgetting to be a fan of our Facebook page, and suggest to your friends that they too become a fan, in order to participate in our GRAND contests, one of which is posted now!



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