Google Android: Land of the Free Which Allows You to Save?

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For all of the attention Apple gets with its iPhone, iPad and app store offerings, which are compatible with both devices, it would appear there is a new, and Google driven, vehicle creeping up from the rear.

Thanks to many free apps, and almost as many Android-powered devices, the Android Market has surpassed 250 million downloads according to a report by consulting firm FADE.  Further, the FADE report indicates that an estimated eight million Android users downloaded 289 million apps, of which 98% were free to download, suggesting that many users are not downloading paid apps with the same fervor that other handset users seem to be, i.e. Apple's app store.

FADE tracked the addition of 1200 gaming titles to the Android Market in the first two months of 2010, highlighting that the average Android user is spending just 6.1 cents on Android games and 50 cents on all other applications.  This, compared to iPhone users who spend and estimated $1 on gaming apps and $5 on all other apps.

Perhaps the Open Handset Alliance will help bridge this gap by creating uniform firmware updates and thereby minimizing fragmentation of Android users using different software versions.  Regardless, one can see that the Android Market may begin reversing the numbers mentioned above simply by the amount of Android users, and therefore reaping the revenue rewards from apps currently enjoyed by Apple.

Are you an Android, iPhone or other, user? Do you download more free apps, or apps that you have to pay for?

Full FADE report



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