Foursquare Gets Kicked...

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I do not, repeat, do not like Foursquare.  I like Gowalla.  Always have and until they break into my home and cut out one of my vital organs, always will.  That is why Kickball makes me smile.  Described by its creators (Gorloch Interactive, LLC) as:

" a whole new way to play FourSquare. Kickball is powered by FourSquare's API, so you get all your friends, badges, and favorite places in a new beautifully-designed interface. PLUS! We've added maps - so you can see where your friends are or where that obscure bar is located. We've also added PHOTOS! Add a photo to a venue of your choosing.  Find friends! A friend of a friend can soon be YOUR friend. Venue Details! Powered by GeoAPI, now you can find out when a place opens, closes, and even if they have a happy hour! Remember - you can't play FourSquare without a Kickball!"

Excellent!  Someone tries to beat Foursquare using Foursquare.  Get Kickball here for free in the App Store and enjoy...



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