Android a Threat to Apple iPhone? That was Obvious...

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When it comes to smartphones, Apple's iPhone may be top of mind, but mobile devices with Google Android devices gaining on my phone of choice

According to a new research from AdMob (Google owned AdMob, so take from the research what you will with respect to spin, the iPhone held about a 50 percent share of the global market for smartphone devices browsing the internet in February 2010. AdMob found that Google Android is creeping up from behind (which sounds gross), capturing about 24 percent of the market share, Nokia-owned Symbian placed third with 18 percent of the market, with Blackberry and Windows Mobile barely registering with 4 percent and 2 percent of market share, respectively.

In the U.S., AdMob found that in February 2010 the Apple iPhone operating system held a 44 percent market share, down from 55 percent in November 2009; while Android's share rose in the U.S. from 27 percent in November to 42 percent in the most recent AdMob report.

The report isn't surprising for two reasons: 1. The iPhone is only sold in the U.S. on one carrier and 2. Many Android devices exist, almost too many to count, with most of them available at next to nothing, making them easier to acquire and therefore by sheer volume of units sold, the numbers, one would hope, would have to increase.

What kind of phone do you currently use?  If the iPhone adds new features, would you consider changing your carrier to get one? 



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