But, but, but, What About the Nook?

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Barnes & Noble will be releasing an iPad app for the much anticipated device when the Wi-Fi version hits consumer's hands April 3rd.  It’s hardly surprising for America’s largest bookseller to want to get in on the action with many predicting the iPad will dominate the ereader market just as it has with the iPod and iPhone.

Announced on the company's blog, Barnes & Noble states the free application will give customers access to more than one million eBooks, magazines and newspapers.

But what about their own ereader, the Nook? Despite reports of its failure, the company claims sales are robust.  Indeed they do.  Whether that will continue in light of the iPad’s release, is likely to depend on the success of Apple’s latest product.



Mike said...

eInk is the attraction of the Kindle and Nook. Many of us just do not enjoy reading on a glossy, glowing screen of any kind, and the solution is a dedicated reading device. The development of a color eInk screen will be a welcome upgrade, too. The iPad will be a great device, and many will use it as a reader, but it completely misses one of the primary selling points of the Kindle and Nook.

March 25, 2010 at 11:44 AM
John Doe said...

I agree to an extent, but having not tried out the iPad, I have yet to see what reading anything on the device will be like. I have a Kindle, purchased two iPads, and am anxious to see how they compare.

Thank you for your comment, and for reading our blog!

March 25, 2010 at 3:34 PM

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