Is Apple looking through Windows or Immersed in a Wave?

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Today's announcement of Windows Phone 7 at MWC has garnered a lot of attention. Some bad, but mostly good. Adopting a user interface designed around data, organized into hubs, grouping information about a contact together in a way that one will not require users to switch applications to update one's Twitter and Facebook status, view a picture, send an email or make a call. What else does it do and what are people saying?

Not to be outdone is Samsung, with their debut of the Wave, complete with their bada operating system. Similar to Windows 7 Phone and Moto Blur, the Wave allows the user to customize the user interface to his/her liking. Wave puts a heavy emphasis on Social Networking, comes equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 and a 1 GHz processor. Will this be the phone to take down the almighty iPhone, or is it just another device in cramped house of wannabes?



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