Twitter Name Squatting Ending?

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Want that Twitter user name you think will put you on the microblogging map but unfortunately someone else who has since abandoned use of the site has that which you covet?

Thankfully Twitter knows of this problem and will get around to clearing the issue up.  A new service, is also here to help by letting you sign up to be notified when that name you so desire is once again available.’s creator, Luke Woodward, upon learning that Twitter was going to remove inactive accounts, thereby allowing the user names of the non-user to become available, had the idea to start a service that would check Twitter for the names both he and other want to use.

Since its launch last Wednesday,  more than 2,200 people have signed up for the free service.  If you are looking to get in on that name you desire, visit and sign up.  Or don’t, and remain branded with that awful Twitter user name you currently have.



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