New Skype Features Announced

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For those that use Skype you no doubt find it an invaluable service.  For those that haven't used it, what better method of long distance communication are you hoping replaces it, teleportation?

Skype has announced that it is rolling out several changes that should make present users smile and holdouts possibly convert. These include; new month to month “Skype Out” packages providing greater flexibility at lower prices ($1.09/month, and $.01/minute), the ability to choose countries, landlines and mobile phones that you call the most, and the coup de grace is a new, initially free, group video conference feature allowing up to 5 simultaneous users.

Skype claims users will enjoy a 60% savings over what they’re paying now, with the new features unleashed initially for PC users with a Mac version to follow. 

Do you use Skype? Are you Skype pants going crazy over the new features?



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