Makes Its Android Debut

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As an iPhone and user I have had the pleasure to keep tabs on and manage my meager finances on the go using both the iPhone app and email alerts distributed to me by the service on a variety of personal financial matters.

Android users fret no more as today released a free app for Android.  Now you too can keep track of your finances through many of the same features iPhone user enjoy such as; account balances, budget compliance, checking recent transactions and more. One of the best features?  The app is password protected, protecting your vital information at anytime and should you lose your phone, offers one the ability to remove app access from the website. 

Other features, Android specific features, include financial information and updates on your home screen thanks to Android Live Folders, and the ability to search for recent transactions on your phone.

Will you download the app?  If so, let us know and offer your feedback on what you think of the Android version.



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