There Goes My Faith in eBay

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My world has been shattered.  Just when I thought I could trust someone, in particular eBay, my world has been turned upside down.  It seems a man from Georgia, one Kerry Haggard, has been arrested for participating in what has been described by the New York Times as a, "counterfeiting scandal that been rocking the close-knit world of movie poster collectors." Really?

First question, there exists a close-knit world of movie poster collectors?  I assume its possible that these people exist.  Just because I've never seen them doesn't mean they don't.  Maybe I haven't seen them because they are holed up in the basements of their parent's homes, hanging movie posters that are the envy of their close-knit, movie poster collecting, friends.

Second question, if these people truly are rocked by this scandal, what does this "rocking" look like?  Does an announcement of this sort have a gaggle of movie poster collectors reaching for their magnifying glasses to examine every fiber of their collection to determine if they've been had?  If so, please, someone grab a camera, capture the footage and post it to YouTube.  It must be a priceless scene. 

Look, what Merle Haggard did in selling fake movie posters was wrong.  That said, the whole situation is comical and overloads my mind think head with visions of poster collecting misfits weeping as they discover their "Weekend at Bernie's 2" poster is a crude reproduction of the original.  So thanks Rev. Ted Haggard, I can't trust eBay listings any longer and upon publishing this, will head into my office to ensure that my prized movie poster from "The Notebook" is in fact an original. 



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