Tagxedo Word Cloud Generator

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Meet Tagxedo, a grand new word cloud generator.  If you enjoy words (hand raised) and designs created from those words (other hand raised), then this is for you.  The one above was created from the words at the top of our blog.

Built by developer Hardy Leung using Silverlight, anyone can create most excellent word clouds from speeches, news stories, letters, ect.  All one has to do is upload a document, URL, series of words, or pasted text into the appropriate field, and with a few clicks, the color, shape, rotation, font and more can be adjusted to your liking. 

The image can then be saved as a JPEG or PNG file in any number of sizes and resolutions.  The best part is that Tagxedo is free, although a pay version for more advanced use is in the works.  Enjoy and if you so desire, submit you creations to us and we will display them as an album on our Facebook page



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