Stephen Hawking is Right! Androids Attacking (iPhones)!

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Android ad traffic surpassed that of the iPhone for the month of March, in the U.S.of A.  AdMob has released its monthly report examining in detail traffic for the Android OS. 

AdMob indicates Android traffic increased to 46% of OS share, 7% more than that of the iPhone.  Luckily iPhone fans, you can still claim world domination, as the iPhone OS garnered 46% of OS share, while Android OS slipped to to 25% of impressions(the way AdMob measures mobile ad impressions).

Good news for Android fans no doubt.  Android continues its growth, now boasting over 38,000 apps, although that is nothing compared to the 1 gazillion apps in Apple's App Store, progress is progress. .

Exciting times for you Android converts?  Do you see improvements in the OS?  Any chance if you are an iPhone or Android owner, you'll jump ship and head to the dark (other) side?



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