Party with Google Beer, Gigabit IPA...

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Topeka (Google) Kansas move over because depending on the alcohol content, you may have some "stiff" competition.  When Google announced in February that they were searching for a community to test a new high-speed internet network, which promises to deliver speeds 100x faster than what most Americans currently receive, suitors have been lining up to be the testor, (Google is the testee which sounds gross). With the to submit bids expiring this past Friday, Portland may now be one of the front-runners if the internet giant is admits to being an alcoholic.

Hopworks Urban Brewery has just released the new Gigabit IPA as part of the city’s effort to land the test network. What better way to win than to have Google decision makers get tipsy and sign on the dotted line?  The brew, described as: “this fresh & edgy IPA honors Portland’s new gigabit network project pioneering a connected future with Google fiber-to-home.  Embrace the bandwidth with a massive NW hop aroma, with rich citrus and pine accents aggressively balanced with clear malt caramel flavor, and a deep, clean, satisfying finish. From Hopworks, the world’s first carbon-neutral artisnal brewery.”

Sign me up for a case or 6.  Natural Light just isn't doing it for me anymore.



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