New Apple iPhone Release Announced June 22nd?

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According to Mac Daily News, Apple will be releasing the latest version of the iPhone June 22nd.

The story and their sources cite the renting of a conference center where all three previous generations of iPhones have been announced. 
Further, the story goes on to cite a writer, Messany, reporting on the ModMy forum, who states, “For what it’s worth, while no concrete evidence has turned up to suggest the announcement of a Verizon iPhone at the June 22nd event, a late-breaking tip from Flurry Analytics suggested the possible existence of a Verizon iPhone being used in the US in recent days.”

Let the excitement and speculation of Apple consumers begin, while the groaning from anti-Apple consumers expected to only get louder thanks to the slough of recent announcements from Apple with respect to new products and features arriving at a feverish and to them, annoying pace.



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