Mashable Launches FarmVille Channel Meaning I Now Dislike Mashable

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FarmVille is so disgustingly annoying that I pity those that play it and instantly hide from my Facebook news feed, those who post information on their latest crop harvest, which member of their virtual farm family has contracted syphilis, or how many of their barn cats are rabid and have to be put down by Pa.

Now Mashable, a social media and more site that I follow, announces they have created a FarmVille channel and in the process lessened the credibility of their site by oh, I don't know, 99.7%.  Really, FarmVille?  Goodbye Mashable.  It was nice reading the stories you frequently broke after other sites, blogs and Twitter feeds, including my own.  Enjoy virtual farming using avatars with oversized, Rocky Dennis-like, heads.

P.S. Now taking applications from other sites wishing that I subscribe to their Twitter feed, fan them on Facebook, or add them to my RSS feed.



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