The Magical, Lost, Apple iPhone 4G Returned...

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Apple has received the lost/stolen/leaked next generation iPhone back.  After reports first surfaced this past weekend that the next generation iPhone had been acquired under mysterious circumstances and the individual that lost the phone in a pub had been identified, the device has finally returned home. 

Luckily we all got pictures of the ins and outs of the iPhone 4G / iPhone HD and it certainly appears to be another grand device from our friends? at Apple.

Gizmodo, which released a video of the phone yesterday,  did all fans of Apple a solid by making Apple confirm the phone did indeed belong to them before they would return the device.  Thank you Gizmodo, now we know what the next iPhone will more than likely look like and where more of our upcoming yearly salary will go to.

C4 can’t wait until the release of the next iPhone, how about you?



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