Gowalla Goes iPad

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The world of me is happy this evening.  Tomorrow the iPad 3G arrives and the most grand of all location sharing services apps has arrived for the iPad just in time (beating Fourspare in the process). 

The app is incredible.  What one sees upon logging in is a huge Google Map where you can see nearby friends.  Unfortunately I already know my Mom is upstairs watching old episodes of "The Young and the Restless," which means; A. I need more friends, and B. I know my Mom's nightly habits to a sickening degree, so this feature is better used by another, but it is great none the less.

On the map that has your friend's faces, you can locate where they are by clicking on their face, and how long  it has been since they checked in at that location.  Additional features include a side menu displaying every check-in by your friends, the ability to add comments to their check-ins and if, unlike yours truly, you leave the house at any time, you can check-in when you arrive at your destination.

Want to get you some Gowalla for your iPad?  Download here...



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