Google Voice Goes Desktop?

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Disclosure: I love Google Voice.  Having never to listen to a voicemail again on my cell phone is so grand.

Gizmo5, Google's November 2009 acquisition, is a service that allows P2P VoIP calls, in addition to making and receiving calls with mobile phones and landlines.   The Skype competitor, builds on Google Voice service, which currently requires users to assign their Google Voice phone number to an actual phone to make and receive calls.

What Google now appears to be using Gizmo5's capabilities for is to create a Google Voice desktop application to make and receive calls, allowing Google Voice users to take calls right from their CPU.  No word on exactly when the launch of this new service will occur, but indications are Google is testing it in house, which could mean that the launch is only a matter of time.

Do you use Google Voice?  Do you enjoy the service? 



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