Google Buzz on TweetDeck. Great, I guess?

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Google Buzz recently announced official follow and share buttons. Now,  TweetDeck is looking to get in on that action.  

Iain Dodsworth, Founder of the app tweeted directly after the announcement: “Google Buzz posting coming to the next version of TweetDeck.”  Perhaps this just allows one to post something to Buzz via TweetDeck much like you can with Twitter and Facebook.  No one knows for sure, and won't until the new version of TweetDeck arrives. 

I've used Buzz, but given that I don't use GMail, don't use it all that often.  Thanks to user outcry many changes to the service have been made, so maybe I will use it more in the future, but right now it is quite far down on the list of Social Media services I use.

Are you a TweetDeck user?  It is great on the iPad.  Dost thou utilize Google Buzz?  Let us know.



Ian said...

Been waiting for this!!! :D

April 14, 2010 at 7:27 AM

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