iPhone Users Can Now Get "Buzzed"

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The first iPhone app for Google's Buzz has hit Apple's app store, cute name in tow.  Buzzie.

If you've been reluctant to use Buzz, but want to give it a try, Buzzie is for you.  Why? With Buzzie, you can leer in on Buzz conversations in a local area without logging into the service.  If you opt to log in, you can start conversations, connect with followers, and all else that Buzz offers.

Buzzie allows Buzz posts to be marked public or private, snag the details of someone you've struck up a conversation with and connect with their connections if you are so inclined after following them.

Photos and other attachments are quick and easy to view within specific Buzz messages and are quickly saved to the iPhone’s photo album.

Buzzie is easy to use and far superior to the current web version I have been using on my phone of choice.  Not yet convinced?  This week only, simply giving Buzzie a try by purchasing it from the app store will only set you back $1.99, a third off  its regular price.  Let us know if you plan on purchasing Buzzie, if you use Buzz, and/or what you think of the service.



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