Foursquare vs Gowalla. What SXSW Taught Us, If Anything...

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Previously I have railed against Fourspare and for Gowalla.  Some things, like my opinion on this issue, and the pair of underwear I've had on for four months straight, never change.  While Boresquare may grab all of the headlines, Gowalla isn't going away and as the story below indicates, is actually even as far as statistics go, with that "other" location sharing service. 

My favorite line from the TechCrunch story?  "It’s important to remember that while Gowalla uses GPS data to verify a person is actually at the venue they say they are, Foursquare does not. That’s how this guy can check-in all over the world and steal mayorships for places he’s never been."  Awesome feature Foursquare.

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