A Blog Post on Declining Blog Posts. Excellent.

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It makes me smile a toothless grin (I don't put my dentures in unless I leave the house) that I am blogging about the decline in blog posts.  Blogs are great ways to post news, information, thoughts, and more.  I subscribe to the feeds of numerous blogs, many bloggers point their blog to a custom domain name domain names and CNN features links to stories on blogs.  After reading the story below though, it is hard to argue that in the instant gratification and shortening attention span world in which we now live, that people don't have the stomach,  the creativity and possibly the lack of writing skill necessary to write more than a quick post.  I hope blogs don't die.  Well, I take that back.  Mommy blogs should die, as should any involving constant updates regarding one's pregnancy, child, or wedding.  Enjoy the aforementioned story, linked to below.

Story for your look read eyeballs...



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