Creeps, Your Android App Has Arrived

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Recognizr, the latest Android app from The Astonishing Tribe, blends Polor Rose's face recognition technology with augmented reality and social networking.  How does it work?  With the app, you point your phone's camera at a person's face, and voila! their social network and contact information appears!

For the app to work, one has to join the Recognizr service and upload your photo into their database, meaning only those that have done likewise will be available to you for covert stalking, I mean, information gathering.  Although the app is for Android, a similar feature also works on the iPhone 3gs with Polar Rose's facial recognition software.

Finally everyone who has been too afraid to ask for their stalkee's information, or wants simply to stalk in private, has an app that allows them to continue being afraid and private all at the snap of a photo.

What do you think?  Is this as creepy as it sounds?



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